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23-Dec-2017 03:59

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It wouldn’t surprise me if someone could make money by filling their house with webcams and charging for voyeurs to login and watch them just Another documentary called Web Cam Girls explored the bizarre world of women who work in the alternative adult industry which included niche interests as watching women taking showers in baked beans or crushing tiny cars in stilettos… websites like where you can create an account, create an event and promote a live ticketed gig where you will get 80% of the revenue.

This would be ideal for those wanting to perform to larger audiences which would suit musicians & producers, comedians, shows & performances and yoga sessions looking at the screenshot below.

Trying to the other way around will also experience the same problem.

This annoying problem is caused by the video capture driver itself and the manufacturer that develops the driver never made it to support multiple streams at the same time.

Now I am not going to going to talk about that industry much, nor do I recommend that you do it, as there were more interesting things that the show revealed and also I wanted to take the information and try and create other business ideas around what I had seen … So don’t panic I am not going to suggest that you enlist the wife or husband or partner to become an active member in your new bedroom based business, we will leave that to those who love to perform on camera.

What was interesting was that there was one couple who was travelling around the USA in a campervan and were now earning money by interacting with their fans and being watched while they did the mundane daily jobs.

It was like a personal cash machine, they would log on via the website/company they were using, wait for people to join them and then they would be paid to perform.

If the software is computer based then they would probably use a system that allows screen sharing but if the lesson was about hardware such as studio mixing desks then the lesson would be through a webcam.It was not clear whether they actually had sex in front of the camera much now, which is how it all started, as they were making enough money from people watching them wash the pots, play with their pets, hoover the camper van and play games…it was like a real life One couple said that they loved performing in front of the camera because they could generate an extra £50 when they needed it.I have often thought that in the future music events and live gigs by your favourite acts will become more online pay per view affairs.

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So if U2 were playing in London people going to the gig could pay big money for the tickets but at the same time they could live stream the show around the world to other fans who pay a much smaller fee to watch from the comfort of their own sofa.

So if you have a set of skills that other people might need then maybe you could run a series of online tutorials or consultations.