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J., suburb of Hamilton, proposing, “We can engage in other activities” with them, Jackson said.The prosecutor said Van Hise confessed to an FBI agent he and Valle were “serious” about their plot to kidnap and rape a woman.I came here so I could send money home to my village 900 miles away. A British girl led me to the beach and we spent the night together. I learnt." He adds:" I started to hate the person I had become.I love children and all I want is a wife and family of my own.Van Hise’s lawyer Alice Frontier accused prosecutors of building a case on just racy talk — but prosecutors say Van Hise’s abnormal plotting with Valle went way beyond fantasy to felony.For example, Van Hise sent a photo of his wife’s 7-year-old niece to two individuals in the chat room, offering her and her 9-year-old sister for rape.

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NYPD Officer Gilberto Valle’s accused co-conspirator, Michael Van Hise, was arrested last week on charges of plotting kidnapping and was ordered held without bail Monday for allegedly planning fiendish crimes against children in his own family.

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