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17-Oct-2017 11:15

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Currently I'm considering my next project - perhaps buying some land to create a beautiful legacy and embarking on some more overseas journeys?

I’m open to an adventure - Hello all, I am a transman which has been an interesting journey Looking forward to connecting to others for friendship and hey if something else came about then that would be a bonus.

I'm quirky and I want to find somebody who can someone who can make my heart ache.

I live with my two kids, 14 and 20 I'm a professional that is career focused, but not obsessed.

I'm into meeting people, having fun, love animals, like a few drinks with mates, some pool, darts, laughing..... looking for someone It feels like it's time for setting some new goals and ramping up the fun.

I prefer British comedy over American, acoustic music over Likes: creative energy, open mindedness, intelligence, emotional maturity, socialising,...

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like throwing dinner parties for an unknown number of fun (male and female) guests, gorgeous architecture, all forms of art with a particular thrill for sculpture and indigenous expressions, live Still here, settled here but looking to enjoy life more..single way too long (years) So whats HOT & NOT ?, comedy, dancing, beach walks & beach combing, sea swimming in summer.

I enjoy people who are authentic which can mean being vulnerable at times and that The things I value in a friendship are loyalty, honesty, trust and being open with communication and caring for your mate.