Co executors disagree on liquidating land dating girls that like ocean corals

22-Jan-2018 09:16

It was only in the last year that the original will (the one I am involved with) was declared the correct will.

But there was another aspect of the case that the person who intitiated the second will did it fraudulently and that led to a criminal case and an appeal to the NJ supreme court.

OPINIONSTATEMENT OF THE CASEIn this consolidated appeal, Appellants–Respondents, Herbert R. Rueth Residual Trust, as limited partners of RDC (collectively, Appellees). ISSUESAppellants raise eight issues in this consolidated appeal, three of which we find dispositive and restate as the following:(1) Whether the trial court abused its discretion by granting Appellees' T. 60(B) motion to vacate the trial court's dismissal of RDC's dissolution proceedings;(2) Whether the trial court abused its discretion in allowing Appellees to pursue their claims against Appellants as a derivative action under Ind.

Medrea, Lucas Holcomb & Medrea, Merrillville, IN, Attorney for Appellees. Rueth (Thomas), as general partners of Rueth Development Company Limited Partnership (RDC), and Barbara Bishop, Janine Rueth, Rosemary Rueth, Kevin Rueth, Timothy Rueth (Timothy), Aaron M. Rueth, deceased; and Jerome Rueth, Richard Rueth, and the Harold G.

How long has the pendente lite executor been serving?

The court has the INITIAL power to do whatever it wants.

Because the contested will went to trial the court appointed a pendente lite executor who has handled the matters of the estate for the last 7 years while the case was pending.About the only remaining duties would be sale of real property (valued at approx mil) and disbursing the proceeds to charities and persons as per the decendent's wishes outlined in the validated will.